Nick is an active poet and poetry reviewer – see Realtime Notes and Corpoetics for examples. This page pulls together links to poems and reviews from various places online.

Poetry Reviews


Works & Days, by Dean Rader

Zen Cymru, by Peter Finch


Singer, by Sally Goldsmith

The Motorway Service Station as a Destination in its Own Right, by Simon Armitage

No Longer Bjored, by Martin Parker

Boring the Arse off Young People, by Martin Figura

Earthworks, by Jacqueline Gabbitas

On Time, by Donald Mackay

The Bridle, by Meryl Pugh

Close, by Theresa Munoz

Taking Account, by Peter Gilmour

Small Talk, by Nic Aubury

Fuelling Speculation, by Graham Austin

Moving Parts, by Tim Love

Night Porter, by Matt Bryden

Gnome Balcony, by Ross Kightly

The Cost of All Desire, by Jeremy Page

Window on the Square, by Alice Beer

Poems 2, by Judy Prince

Kissing in Iceland, by Eliza Locke

The Beckoning Wild, by Lucy Lepchani

Scissors, Paper, Stone, by Gina Wilson

Poetry Online

Happy Ever Asda, published on Lighten Up Online

Beyond Petroleum, published on Eyewear

Diamond Bob, published on Eyewear

What if

Shreddies, published on Verbatim

Cars parked on the pavement, published in Verbatim

British Lion, published on Brilliant Bits of Writing

Mr Paxman Interrogates the Poets

Ode to a muse

Porpoises, published in Where Mountain Lions are Neighbours

Halifax, published in Split Screen (Red Squirrel Press)

Blast/Bless, published in Creative Review/Tate exhibition

All I Really Want To Do

Life of Jack, published in Fuselit

The Following Poem

The Nation's Prayer, co-opted by a Sun journalist in Rio de Janeiro


Reviewed on Sphinx

Interview on Casual Optimist

Article in Creative Review

Article on the Literary Platform


A project collecting original poems handwritten on confectionery wrappers and other food packaging, inspired by Ted Hughes, who wrote a poem on a Tunnock's wrapper in 1986. The Tumblr collection has sadly disappeared after technical problems, but the poems will hopefully be retrieved and republished in due course. In the meantime, British Lion and Yorkshire Tea are representative examples. 

Songs for Animals

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Realtime Notes

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