Songs for Animals

Nick is working on a collection of children’s verse, which we plan to turn into a book (one day).

On hearing news of the decline in
population of the bumblebee 

Bumblebee, bumblebee, where can you bumblebee?
It seems that your fortunes have taken a tumblebee. 
For once, as a child, when I’d play in the sunblebee, 
it was like the whole world was a home to you, bumblebee.

Inside every tulip and chrysanthemumblebee, 
around every corner, where I’d blithely stumblebee, 
then run inside, shouting to my dad and mumblebee, 
“Mum! Dad! It’s a bumblebee! Runblebee! Runblebee!”

Well, life is a sorry old mess and a jumblebee, 
for what I’d give now to see one single bumblebee! 
But it’s still my hope that one day you will comeblebee
to reclaim your natural place in the sunblebee.




– Can butter fly? 
– No, clearly not. 
– Can butterflies? 
– Yes, quite a lot. 
– So butter flies? 
– No, butter fries. 
– Butterfries? 
– You mean butterflies. 
– But butter doesn’t. 
– But a fly does. 
– So flies fly. 
– Likewise butterflies. 
– But butter? Fly? 
– No, clearly not.



– Is that a kittiwake over there? 
– No, it’s a chuffin’ puffin!

– It looks more like a tern to be fair. 
– It’s not. It’s a chuffin’ puffin!

– Maybe a rock dove or guillemot? 
– I said it’s a chuffin’ puffin!

– Hang on, it’s a puffin! What a good spot! 
– Don’t mention it. It was nuffin.


Lullaby for a dormouse

It’s time to go to sleep now. 
The sun is up and the day is young, 
but it’s time to go to sleep now.

The clouds are heavy with snow. 
A hollow will be your winter home
in the roots of the hazel tree.

Let winter come and have his time –
it’s time to sleep and dream. 
The ground will soon be soft with snow.

This summer was the happiest one – 
so many little things to be done. 
But it’s time to go to sleep now.

The world will wait and winter pass, 
the way that winters always do. 
Spring will come and make things new.

But it’s time to go to sleep now. 
The sun is up and the day is young
and it’s time to go to sleep now.