Not much has been happening on this blog lately, mainly because I've been busy writing poems for Realtime Notes over on Instagram. (The poem above is my manifesto for the project.)

I started it last August and did a Quarterly Review on this blog once I was three months in.

More recently, I've been doing monthly round-ups in the form of a (strictly opt-in) newsletter. So far, I've not been publishing the newsletter anywhere else as it felt like it defeated the object of signing up. But I've recently realised that's probably the wrong way to think about it. Some people might be interested to read this stuff without crossing the extremely high bar of actually signing up for a newsletter. And it's more about putting stuff out there and letting people choose if/how they want to read it.

So I'm going to start posting stuff on this blog as well. If you subscribe to the newsletter and feel like you're going to catch it here anyway, then please unsubscribe and de-complicate your life. But given how few of us keep well-tended RSS feeds these days, the newsletter is hopefully still a useful way to keep the lines of contact open, and maybe I'll stick some stuff in there that doesn't feel bloggable.

Sign up for the newsletter here

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And I'm going to stick the April one up as a blog post later.