Paper Wraps Stone

I’ve recently worked on an enjoyable project for Arjowiggins Creative Papers, collaborating with designers Build and printers Generation Press.

Paper Wraps Stone is a limited edition gift that showcases 20 Arjowiggins creative papers throughout a 226-page notebook.

Michael Place at Build asked me to write something on the theme of paper as a physical medium for creative thinking and ideas. The piece appears in full at the end of the notebook, but was deliberately written to be used as fragments throughout the notebook, so it becomes like a cut-up poem in itself.

I particularly like the way Build treat the words, arranging them in ways that add to the meaning, and turning it into an (appropriately) concrete poem.

As on previous projects, Build worked with printers Generation Press, and the result is as crisp and satisfying as things produced by Generation Press usually are. 

The book is being distributed by Arjowiggins and you'll have to ask nicely for a copy if you want to read/view/touch/sniff the whole thing – more pics and details here.

Design: Build
Print: Generation Press

With thanks to Christophe Balaresque and Florence Douek at Arjowiggins Creative Papers.