I’ve recently started a Tumblr called ‘Reads’ at

It’s mainly for my own benefit – a rough archive to collect excerpts from books, articles, ads, packaging, ephemera, tweets etc. But it might be of interest to other people, and the low-level social aspect should remind me to do it more often.

The header and avatar text is taken from David Markson’s This is not a novel, where he talks about the collapsing boundaries between novels, essays, prose, poetry, poems, fact, fiction etc and wonders if it’s better just to call everything a ‘read’. So this is a collection of reads.

It felt strange blowing the dust off my old Tumblr account, which I don't think I ever used for anything. Having done it, I’ve just read Paul Mason’s article about reviving old social platforms, so maybe I’m on trend for once.

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