Now in all struggling bookshops

Today marks the official release of the new and unimproved version of our Perpetual Disappointments Diary.

Until now, we’ve published and sold it ourselves, but this time it’s being published by Pan Macmillan in the UK and (next March) by Chronicle in the US.

Working with a publisher is a new departure for us, and it’s exciting to think of the diary reaching and depressing a much wider audience.

But we’ve also enjoyed selling it ourselves, and having a direct connection with the various lost souls around the world who have bought it and sent amusingly grumpy feedback (unless they were genuine complaints – it was often hard to tell). Thanks to all those people for helping us get to this point.

Our hope is that the spiralling cultural and political disaster zone that is 2016 will prove good for sales. Go Trump. 

Buy it from Wordery or Hive or Foyles or Waterstones or Amazon.